Aurora Advanced Security


Many companies "do security" these days.  Aurora Technology sets itself apart by offering more choices, more control, and absolute expert installation and programming.  When it comes to securing our family and our homes and properties, choosing a security company isn't something we should do lightly.  Many of the products that security installers use are the same.  But installing them so they do the actual job you want them to do takes precision and attention to detail.  It takes testing and making sure your family knows how to use the system.  


Whether you want just the basics, securing the doors and ground floor windows, or a full-out system with all the detectors and cameras, Aurora Technology can provide what you want in the best possible way.  


Here are a few of the interesting ideas in Advanced Home Security:

  • Driveway Sensors, alerting you when a vehicle crosses the entry to the driveway

  • Surveillance Cameras capturing the corners, entries, and hiding places

  • Fire/Smoke/Heat/CO2 Sensors alerting you to danger

  • Biometric Fingerprint or Facial scanning

  • Water Bugs placed by water heaters, sump pumps, washers and other water sources alerting you to water leaks and floods

  • Motion Detectors which can ignore pets, and swaying bushes

  • "Baby Monitors" allowing you to keep eyes and ears on other occupants

  • Temperature Sensors alerting you to unwanted ambient (or other) changes in certain rooms, such as wine cellars and cigar rooms

  • Flashing lights upon intrusion

  • Cell Phone notifications

  • Separate Codes for each member of the house, allowing you to be alerted when certain members arrive or leave

  • Sensors alerting you that you have left the garage door open

  • Alarms/Notifications alerting you to a breach in the gun safe or alcohol cabinet


The feeling of being safe and secure is like no other.

It is important and it matters.  Ahhhh.   Peace of Mind.