Audio Distribution

This is also known as a multi-room audio system.  Listen to the game, or your favorite artist while you are cooking, or tinkering in the garage, or lounging on the deck.  These systems can be as complex or as simple as you want and Aurora Technology can offer you many options within your system.  Convenience and true enjoyment make audio systems one of the basics of home electronics systems.  Having music playing throughout your home creates a beautiful and comfortable mood that can relax, excite, and help you celebrate.  


Aurora Technology carries many choices in products for all types of audio systems...speakers, receivers, amps, media storage/players, and much more.  Hiring Aurora Technology allows you to choose exactly what you want and where you want it. 

Video Distribution

This is the technical way of saying that all the video you can imagine will play on any or all the screens you have on your property.  You can also connect remotely to your various providers and enjoy that video from anywhere.  


Gone are the days of the 3 basic channels plus PBS with rabbit ears.  And even gone are the recent days of being forced to choose one provider.  Today the sources for creative and amazing (and awful and boring) video are really endless.   And with an expert Systems Integrator, you can have them all right at your fingertips. Your favorite channels and internet sources can come up with a one-button touch.   You can view your security cameras on one TV, while someone else watches the latest hit movie on another.  And yet another TV can be playing a recorded show.   Who can forget the gamer in the basement playing games with someone on the other side of the world??!