Full Home Control


This is where it all comes together.  Literally.  The audio system, the video system, the lighting control system, shades, etc.  All these subsystems have individual controls on their own.  But what makes Aurora Technology really spectacular is our ability to make all these systems operate together and all at the tips of your fingers, on your smartphone or tablet.  


For instance, using our program, from each room page on the iPad, you can change the TV and audio settings, the lighting, the heat/AC, the security system, the shades, and even turn on the Holiday Lights if you choose.  The Master Bedroom Page will give you different options, depending on your preferences.  From the deck, change your music settings while from the same program adjusting the AC.  This program has many features and will change the way you are able to live in your home.  


Here is a summary of the benefits: 

  • Intuitive programming – the programming was designed with the thought of allowing any person to easily control anything within 2 button presses. 

  • iPhone interface - control the system with your iPhone just as you would with the iPad.

  • Power verification – devices have been added to the system to keep track of components. 

  • Energy Savings – components which are not being used are turned off. Seems simple, however, many manufacturers are producing energy efficient products but want you to leave them on all the time. This not only costs money, but wastes electricity. All of the components are either turned off or in a sleep mode when no one is present in the home. Upon arrival, components are turned on or awakened, ready to go as needed.

  • Systems Interface - There is an increased interface between the different systems. The “Goodbye” button responds by turning off all equipment, shutting the shades, turning off unneeded lights and adjusting the thermostat if desired.  The welcome button can do the reverse. 

  • Airplay – Apple Airplay is simplified. Now you can play music or videos from your phone or other Apple devices easier than before. And throughout the home.

  • Remote Access – you are able to control and check on things remotely with your iPhone.

  • Weather Warnings – weather now not only allows you to see current temperature and a variety of radars but also warns you of severe weather alerts.

  • Seasonal Control –  Allows you to have special scene settings for certain times of the year.  For example, during the holiday season, the holiday button shows on your screen giving you simple access and control of the special lighting.

  • Advanced Troubleshooting - The troubleshooting wizard will scan your system to see what is wrong and help guide you to a solution.



Aurora Technology's singular programming is fully customizable for each home and each homeowner.  This program is what sets us apart from our competition, and what will set your home apart from the rest.  


THIS is why we are called Control Freaks.