Home Theater


Media Rooms and Dedicated Home Theaters have become some of the primary places to relax and entertain at home.  


A Media Room, sometimes known as the Family Room, usually serves many functions in the home.  Watching TV, playing games, doing homework, reading, gaming and entertaining are just some of the ways these rooms are used. Putting theater equipment in the Family Room, makes it a Media Room.  This usually includes a large flat screen or projector/screen and a surround sound system. Maximizing the use of space, best placement of the screen, speakers and lighting and multi-functional furniture can make a Media Room the favorite room in the house.  


Dedicated Home Theaters are rooms designed for the sole purpose of watching video and hearing the sounds from that video in a fabulous setting where there isn't a bad seat and you really could sell tickets.  Some are small and some are large.  Some are decorated and some are rather plain, but the Movie playing is always the star. Integrating sound acoustics and planning proper viewing distances and angles are all things taken into account as Aurora Technology helps you design your room.  


These rooms, as popular as they have become, span the gamut of budgets.  Aurora Technology will help you decide which products will best fit your needs.  After some tweeking and calibrating by an Aurora Tech expert, we will make sure you end up with a room full of enjoyment and relaxation.