This is not your Grandma's HVAC System


Heating and Air Conditioning Control have come a long way!  In the "old days" when you were cold in the morning, you adjusted the thermostat.  As you left for the day, you adjusted it back.  On your return, you re-adjust the thermostat.  In an effort to be comfortable and mindful of your energy expense, that little dial was changed many times during the day! That was the way it was for many years.  



Then, the programmable thermostat was ushered in.  While the concept of these thermostats was very good, it reminded most people of the never-programmed ever-flashing VCR.  Setting up the programming on these units required reading pages of tiny print, and trial and error, only to have to redo the whole process when the power surged, or the seasons changed.  These thermostats do work, but not for the average home-owner, who has better things to do than memorize thermostat programming instructions.  Most of the time, the frequent runs to adjust the thermostat became the status quo again, rather than use the complicated programming.


Today's options for controlling the temperature, humidity, and energy in your home can give you complete control with ease.  Initial programming will be done by your Aurora Technology technician, and the few changes you wish to make along the way are intuitive and easy.  Or, of course, Aurora Technology can meet most all your requests from our office, without a service call, because your control system is on your home's network.  No reading small print, and no need to compromise your needs with limited choices.  Featured in our HVAC Control system:

  • Heat/Cool different zones of your home based on time of day, season, or special events

  • Control your HVAC system from your smart device or any computer, remotely, or right at home

  • Save energy and money without having to run to that thermostat to make needed changes repeatedly.  According to Energy Star, most homeowners can save $180/year by using well-programmed HVAC control systems.

  • Programs can be easily overriden when special circumstances occur.


Preserving our resources while saving money is becoming an important part of the choices we make everyday.  Choosing complete HVAC control will serve you well for many years as energy becomes more important for the world's economy and survival.



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