Why Lighting Control?


Have you ever turned a corner walking down a public hallway to see only darkness? As you step, the lights brighten the hallway as if there is a lighting attendant just waiting for you. Lighting control benefits have long been recognized in the commercial world, saving energy and money. Lighting control in the home goes far beyond that to the ultimate in convenience, comfort, safety and security.

Lighting is changing.


And it is about time.  The switch from the incandescent bulb has been a challenge for many industries and consumers.  However, as we grow into this change, the new features and increased productivity of newer lighting brings with it many benefits that were unthinkable just a few years ago.


With those benefits, come many decisions that can be overwhelming without an expert to guide you in determining what you want from your lighting system. Aurora Technology will help you understand these benefits and choose how to incorporate them into your home.  



  • With lighting control, you can control not only all your overhead ceiling lights, but your wall sconces, your art lights, your lamps, your task lighting, and your outdoor lights without having to flip any switches.  Preset programming scenes will give you exactly the look and feel you want.

  • The energy savings with lighting control systems happens in many ways through the use of dimmers, occupancy sensors, and focused choices on which lights go on and which do not.

  • Our systems automatically adjust all lighting settings as daylight savings changes, and as sunset and sunrise change throughout the year, all without any input from the homeowner.

  • Lighting control will dramatically increase your feelings of security, and safety in your home. Stairwells can be set to light up as you approach.  All the lights can be programmed to turn off as you set your security system.  A pathway to the bathroom could light as you approach. One request had us program the front porch light to flash if the security system had been breached, thereby alerting the homeowner BEFORE he/she entered the home.



  • Lighting control can be used to help "hear" the doorbell or telephone ring.  A flashing light is a good indicator of many alerts in the home. 

  • Lighting control extends the life of the bulb or lighting source by taking advantage of dimming and timing choices.

  • Lighting control reduces wall clutter.  Traditional wall switches in larger or well-used areas leads to many rows of switches on the wall. Lighting control can condense these many switches down to one plate, or even none if you prefer, leaving your wall open for more beautiful choices. 

  • Lighting control is completely customizable.  Whatever your choices are for entertaining, watching movies, reading, sleeping,  or even grooming, our system allows you to set custom scenes which can be changed with the touch of one button.