Why not just an overhead light and a few lamps...


Having an Automated Lighting System is wonderful, but only if you have all the right lights in the all the right places.  How in the world does that happen? 


Lighting Design


Well-designed lighting schemes can make an ordinary space extraordinary.   Planning ahead and discussing how you see the space being used are crucial pieces in the design, as well as thinking about what architecture, art, and furniture would be served with lighting highlights. 


REALLY well-designed lighting schemes can do all that AND allow you the flexibility to change your mind down the road, as much as possible without tearing out walls and ceilings.  


Ambient, task and accent lighting needs should all be taken into consideration, but also the color and warmth of the light.  Creating environments which feel good also takes into consideration key lights, fill lights, silhouette lights and uplighting, sparkle, glazes, wall washes and grazing.


Rooms and outdoor spaces have depth and wonder when lighting has finesse.  Great lighting affects our performance, mood, morale, safety, and security.


Lighting designs are best done early in a project's planning stage and Aurora Technology works with Interior Designers, Architects and you to create lighting plans which reflect exactly how want your home to feel for you and your guests.

The Lights!


Lighting isn't just about pretty fixtures anymore.  Of course, fixtures have come a long way, driven by the creative nature and availability of great design.  But a whole new world in lighting has opened up. There are new KINDS of usable lights now. Incandescent bulbs, halogens and fluorescent bulbs were the choices before but LEDs have come charging on the scene and have changed everything.


LED lights, short for light emitting diode lights, produce light very efficiently.  LED lights are quickly becoming the light of choice in most applications because of that efficiency. There are many types of LED lights which can help you create a mood, enhance your art and architecture, and help all the colors in your rooms stand up to attention.


What are the benefits of using LEDs?

Ensure energy savings: LED light sources have long-lasting, eco-friendly benefits and can minimize energy costs in your home or business by using 15 to 20 watts to replace a 100 watt incandescent. 

Reduce maintenance costs: Dim LEDs to extend product lifetime and decrease maintenance costs.

Maximize design options: Transform your visual environment with unique LED colors and dramatic light levels. 

(Data per Lutron Lighting Co.)


There are many beautiful, functional, options for the lights you choose.  Aurora Technology can walk you through what types of lights can be used to meet your needs.