Beautiful Quiet Motorized Shades and Blinds


There are many reasons why Motorized Shades, Blinds and Curtains are some of our most popular products.  They are all so functional, making rooms so much more comfortable.  They save furniture, art, and flooring from the damaging effects of the sun.  They are completely programmable.  They are so quiet.  And they are stunning.

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As we want more and more natural light in our rooms, we also want more control of that light--how bright it is and how it makes our rooms feel.  Motorized Programmable Shades do all the work. Formerly, we had to pull cords, unroll shades and fasten tiebacks to change the sunlight in the room.  Motorized shades can filter the light, or completely block it out. They can be open as much or as little as you wish. And, of course, you can change them without leaving your chair.  

Save your Furnishings


The precious and beautiful furnishings in your home can suffer damage, incur staining, discolor and break down from the sun streaming through the windows.  Motorized Shades can help prevent this.  The many shade fabric options give you a little or a lot of light filtering, or you can completely block the sun.  And the programming options can prevent that damage from occuring without you even thinking about it!

The Programming


One of the most notable things about motorized shades is the programming that goes with them.  If the sun is blinding while you are having your morning coffee, we will program your shades to lower and filter the light to give you just what you want.  If the afternoon sun makes cooking uncomfortable, we will program the shades to lower at your desired time.  If you want the shades completely closed when you turn off the lights for bed, that can happen too.  If you want them to raise and wake you up at dawn everyday, we can do that too.  You can totally rely on the programming or you can easily raise and lower the shades or blinds with a keypad or your hand-held device.  Easy and cool.  

Quiet, and, yes...Stunning.


When these shades go up or down, people are always listening for the motor.  But they are so very quiet, it is almost silent as they move.    


But how do they LOOK???  


Installed by an expert, they are truly amazing.  Beautiful.  Gorgeous. Sleek. High-end.  Dramatic. Striking.  Dazzling.  Spectacular. 


Yes.  Stunning.

Shading Brochure
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Shading Brochure

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