Other Cool Integrations


If you can dream it, it can very likely be done, and Aurora Technology can do it.  Here are just a few of the "outside the box" projects we have incorporated for our customers.

Acoustic/Digital Grand Piano

This Computer-age Digital Piano combines amazing technology with the traditional beauty of a shiny black grand piano.  This piano is equipped to play 'live' piano concerts and many other musical offerings.  The piano is connected to the internet and through the customer's subscription, live concerts are played on this piano, while viewers can watch the real performer on the large screen TV. The music plays through the piano or through the surround sound in the room.  It is like being in the concert hall in NYC, but without the tuxedo and long dress.

Fiber Optic Star Ceilings

Installed in a bedroom, this star ceiling spanned the whole room.  The specific constellations showing at a specific time of the year were purposely chosen by the homeowner.  Completely dimmable, this star ceiling is a beautiful way to go to sleep.  It was programmed to operate hands-free and was also controllable via the homeowner's full home control system.

Remote Pool Cover

There are many reasons to use a pool cover--cleanliness, evaporation, safety, etc. but pool covers can be a real challenge to put on with all the hooks and springs. Electronic pool covers are awesome because they eliminate that serious time-consuming challenge! However, leaving the house without covering because you forgot or ran out of time is a constant problem.  Some homeowners have chosen to connect their pool covering controls to our Full Home Control System, allowing them to cover the pool from anywhere they have internet service.  

Lighted Mirrors

For a contemporary setting, we have installed these beautiful lighted mirrors.  They are connected to the lighting control system in the house.  They come in many shapes and sizes with the lights in many different configurations.  These mirrors also eliminated the need for other lighting in the room over the vanity, cleaning up the space.

Security Doors
& Safe Rooms

Keeping your valuables in your home is to be expected and some people like the extra protection of keeping those belongings behind secured doors while entertaining or having guests.  These doors can be secured with biometric devices, codes or private buttons.  It is an added layer of protection for folks who have valuable, important, or cherished items, guns and papers in their homes. 


Connecting this to your home's security alert system provides that peace of mind you need for those special items.


Alerts for Other Doors

Receiving calls from a neighbor at night reminding that the garage door is open is a regular occurance. This has prompted the need to have an alert indicator before the neighbor calls.  Because an open garage door doesn't often prevent arming the security system, it is easy to forget that it has been left open.  


Another type of alert that we have installed is one on the doggy door.  The homeowner wanted to know when and how often the pets went out.  Electronic chips were attached to the pet collars and when they passed out the electronic door, the homeowner was alerted.