Blue Light Special Note

Recently one of my daughters tried to show me her new glasses. I was instantly, "You don't wear glasses". Well, now she did, her "Blue Light Glasses". She told me to try them out but I didn't see the effect. Supposedly it is there, as she and others have noticed the difference. These glasses remove the Blue Light from a emitted by a screen.

It is the same type of blue light you see most of the day outside. In the mornings, you see a warmer orangish yellow light which is calming and makes you feel warmer. During the main part of the day you have a bluer cooler light. This light tends to make you feel more productive or willing to do more. Then at night the outside lights fade and become the warm light again, which calms you back down and relaxes you, preparing you for a nights sleep. Except for that screen in front of your eyes - it is sending out a blue light that tends to keep you awake.

Well, one thing that can help this is on many tvs and computers, you can put it into "Night Mode" or "Cool Mode". These modes reduce the blue light level and allows your body to relax more and possibly go to sleep. ( I say possibly because maybe you have outside circumstances like a teenager or a newborn that forces you to stay awake - hence don't use the night mode yet.)

If you want to learn more about this Blue Light, check out this blog from CEDIA.

Have a great day and a restful night.

Chris Tyler

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