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Google is now re-branding it's smart home market. Google purchased Nest back on January 14, 2014. 5 years later it is making a major change to it's smart home division and taking Nest to the forefront, calling it Google Nest as announced at the Google I/O 2019 keynote.

Google Nest

Check out the Google webpage showing you the new smart home products and their uses by clicking on the New logo.

Last years Home Hub is now being called Google Nest Hub and they are adding a Google Nest Hub Max which includes a camera. With this new brand and these new products, Google is also trying to be a "Helpful Home" versus a Smart home. Not only can you control other products for your home, but you can leave a Video Message for someone, make video phone calls, or check in for a live viewing of what is happening at your home.

They are making improvements with their products by thinking about your privacy as well. For example, only conversations that start with "Hey Google" are sent to Google for the assistance you desire. You'll also see a visual indicator on the front telling you this information is being sent which also allows you to go into your history at and delete this history.

The built in camera you are in control of by the features you turn on such as video calling or home monitoring. This also displays a green led light showing it is operational. These and any other new features using the mic or camera will be turned off until you turn them on so there are no surprises.

With Face Match, you only get the messages or notice of upcoming events that is relevant to you, not the whole family's. Need to see who is at the door? With Google Nest Hello Doorbell, you get notified and can respond quickly via your phone or other Google Nest Home products.

Google Nest is beginning to lead a charge to become the Best Smart Home Products with these new features and products. Other things that attract my attention and deserve recognition include:

- Google Wifi - becoming more popular and winning reviews, utilizes a mesh network, simple app based installation, control over devices allowed to connect, ...

- Natural language - Google uses a more natural language to communicate requests or information from it's devices versus having certain words required in order to understand what you want.

- Easier to control multiple devices with one request - for example, "Hey Google, turn on the kitchen lights" could turn on multiple sets of lights like Kitchen Cans, Kitchen Accents, Kitchen Under Cabinets, etc versus having to say 3 commands "Hey Google, turn on Kitchen Cans", "Hey Google, turn on Kitchen Accents", and "Hey Google, turn on Kitchen Under Cabinets".

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer a Google Nest Home or an Amazon Alexa Home? Do you have any positive or negative reviews you would like to share? Let me know as I am always interested in your opinion and want to provide the best service possible. Click here for a 1 minute survey and thanks for reading this.

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