Starting from Scratch


If you have decided on a major project, you are either building from the ground up, adding on, or doing a major remodel.  Most people will begin this process with dreaming of all the possibilities.  That is the fun part.  Then you need to begin fitting all those possibilities in your space and budget.  


Beginning with a qualified architect is a good start.  In order to construct a plan, your architect will listen closely to your needs. He/she will hear you saying how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want.  He/she will ask you what style you like.  How big? Ceiling heights, etc.... There are many considerations in major projects like this.  



Framing, plumbing and electrical work have always been traditional parts of the plan.  And now, if you want your electronics systems to be as affordable as possible and integrated well into your home, this is the time to include Aurora Technology in your planning. Systems Integration companies such as Aurora Technology can do a much more thorough and affordable job when they are included as soon as possible in the planning process.  


This will be the time to decide what electronics systems you want in your home.  Running wires BEFORE the walls go up is much easier (and less expensive!) so those decisions are important to make in the initial planning process.  


Aurora Technology has significant experience working with architects and designers.  And, because our industry is changing at lightning speed, we can often help with solutions that other professionals may not yet know are available.  

Don't wait.  Include

Aurora Technology

in the planning now.