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Modern Condo, Suburban Family Home, Midtown Classic, Lakehouse...whatever your style, we can optimize how you live in your home.  If you are building from the ground up, remodeling, or adding on, Aurora Technology will help you understand what can be done to grant your fondest wishes.  Maybe you need a brighter walkway to the bathroom at night.  Maybe you want a more soundproof home theater. Maybe you want your furniture protected from the sun each afternoon with electronic programmed shades. Maybe you want to be able to see your driveway thru a camera on your kitchen TV.  How about controlling your home thermostat from the car? These are a few of the ideas you might be dreaming up...time to call Aurora Technology!

Aurora Technology creates home electronics systems.


We build ways to make your home fit you exactly.  And then we make the systems talk to one another and work together.  Our areas of expertise:


In the End

So, in reality, we are Control Freaks.  We want you to be able to push one button to watch a movie and your TV turns on, your favorite movie service appears on the screen, the lights dim (leaving the corner chair light on for the one who is always doing handwork while watching!), the shades lower, the thermostat adjusts, the receiver is set for surround sound.  Your friends and family are amazed at your complete control. 


Be careful.  You just might be called a Control Freak.