What in the world is Structured Wiring?


Structured Wiring is the basis for any home's low voltage systems.  All of the amazing technology we enjoy today is built on top-notch engineering and technological knowledge.  And the most reliable way to consistently receive that technology is through hard wiring the communication between all components. That hard wiring is called structured wiring.  WiFi seems to be everywhere and is really awesome as long as it is fast enough, wide enough and consistent enough.  Wifi continues to get better, but the gold standard for reliability in using the important systems in your home, such as your heating/cooling or lighting, is hard wiring.  With structured wiring, you are adding connectivity to all your current devices and future needs as well.

The Wire


Why should you care about the wire? Well, really, you may not care.  But we do.  The quality of the wire is one significant determining factor in the quality of the information it carries.


Better wire means better sound quality.  Better video quality.  More consistency.  More security. And a much better chance your system will be able to be updated for years to come.


Aurora Technology insists on installing quality wire because once the walls go up, changing and adding wires is time-consuming, messy and expensive.

The Connectors


Again, you may not know this matters, but for every type of wire and device it plugs into, there is a special connector used to terminate that wire. Using the right connector for the job is vital.  And buying the right connector from a quality manufacturer matters as well.


After the connectors go on, so go the labels.  Maintenance and future work depend on proper labeling.  This ensures that repairs and additions are as efficient as possible.

The Expertise


We know discussing wires and connectors probably doesn't rank on your top 1000 interests, but you can be assured we discuss it plenty at Aurora Technology. 


Knowing which products to use for the right location, and the right application are crucial to the overall system. These wires tie everything together.  They allow your systems to talk to one another and, in turn, allow you to talk to your system and for it to talk back to you!   


There are a few right ways and many wrong ways to run wire and put on connectors.  Being the well-trained Control Freaks that we are, poorly designed, badly-executed structured wiring work does NOT fit into our mission.  If systems are to work effectively, the foundation must be solidly designed and executed.  The experts of Aurora Technology know how to make that happen.